Fiscal Year Quarter 4 (FYQ4) Readiness Checklist

As we transition into Fiscal Year Quarter 3 (FYQ3), it’s crucial to look ahead and prepare for the substantial increase in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that FYQ4 brings. This period is marked by a significant surge in government RFP releases, making it both a critical and a challenging time for bid and proposal professionals. For context, in FY22 Q4, the government accounted for 34% of all FY22 obligations, highlighting the quarter’s importance (Q4 Spending Statistics in Government Contracting, The Pulse of GovCon, Thursday, January 25, 2024). Effective preparation now ensures you’re poised for success and ready to manage the RFP influx without being overwhelmed.

Your Readiness Checklist

To navigate FYQ4’s demands and seize the opportunities it presents, consider implementing these strategic tips in FYQ3:

  1. Finalize Your Pipeline: Focus your efforts on RFPs where you have a competitive advantage and a higher likelihood of winning. Avoid expending your budget and resources on low-probability bids. Develop a detailed plan, including a schedule and work breakdown structure (WBS), for responding to RFPs in your pipeline.
  2. Initiate Preparations Early: Equip your team with knowledge about upcoming RFPs, identify reusable materials, and update your record of past performances. Early preparation enables effective management of the proposal surge.
  3. Acquire Essential Resources: Map out the resources you need for RFP responses, including proposal managers, writers, editors, graphic designers, and subject matter experts (SMEs). Fill any gaps by engaging consultants early to ensure availability when needed.
  4. Optimize Team Skills: Conduct a readiness assessment of your team’s skills. Invest in training now to address gaps or enhance existing capabilities in proposal development.
  5. Enhance Intelligence Gathering: Continue to gather intelligence on competitors and the market. Remember, the best-informed competitor has a significant advantage.
  6. Maintain Strategic Flexibility: Incorporate flexibility into your planning, scheduling, and resource allocation to adapt quickly to new information, customer shifts, or feedback.
  7. Streamline Your Processes: Review and refine your proposal development processes for efficiency. Implement automation for repetitive tasks and optimize review cycles to handle the increased workload effectively. Ensure your team works cohesively, with clear roles and responsibilities.
  8. Prioritize Proposal Quality: Focus on the quality of your submissions over quantity. A well-crafted, tailored proposal is far more likely to win.


The lead-up to FYQ4 is a pivotal time for bid and proposal professionals, setting the foundation for annual success. Early preparation, team optimization, and focusing on quality over quantity are key strategies for navigating this busy season. By leveraging detailed market intelligence, refining your processes, and carefully selecting which opportunities to pursue, you can excel in the FYQ4 challenge.

Are you ready to elevate your proposal strategy and secure your success in FYQ4? Reach out to us for expert guidance and support. Together, we can turn the busiest quarter into your most successful one yet.

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By Brenda Crist, Vice President at Lohfeld Consulting Group, MPA, CPP APMP Fellow

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