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When it comes to the art of pursuing and winning government programs, there’s theory—and then there’s reality. The reality is that companies never have enough time, people, or money to do everything they theoretically should be doing to win programs.

That’s where we come in. Our handpicked business acquisition, capture, and proposal consultants have lived their 20+-year careers with these constraints and know how  to achieve cost-effective, winning results.

See why we’re practically different™. Choose from our full line of capture, proposal, and orals services, and related training. We’ll tailor them to fit your needs—from the smallest to the largest government contractors.

Proposal management, writing, graphics and desktop publishing

Our consultants average more than 20 years of experience managing and writing competitive proposals for government contractors. We specialize in aerospace, defense, hardware systems, systems engineering, professional services, IT, and other high-tech products and solutions procurements. Our full-service support teams include every resource needed to craft a winning proposal.


Capture Management

Capture management is the key to raising your win probability long before proposal submission. Our well-defined process, including our Strength-Based Winning® methodology, develops quality capture plans to get you there. We’ll coach your team in executing capture initiatives and provide services for cost strategy, capture assessments, and more.


Strength-Based Winning® methodology

To win federal best value tradeoff proposals, you need to have the best and possibly most strengths. Our expert knowledge of government evaluation brings your strengths into focus in each proposal. This mindset is the foundation of all our services, including Strength-Based Capture, Strength-Based Solutioning®, and Strength-Focused Proposal Reviews.


Reviews & Assessments

Every proposal benefits from outside proposal reviews. Our senior professionals can participate in color reviews, conduct independent reviews against our 7 Quality Measures, and conduct mock government SSEB reviews. We also provide postmortem reviews to improve future proposals. No matter which reviews you select, you can count on thorough, frank assessments and actionable out-briefs.


Orals Coaching and Video Proposals

Our orals experts cover every angle of a presentation process extensively—orals development, orals coaching for all experience levels, video and multimedia presentations, and GSA FEDSIM requirements. Every effort aligns with capture plans and evaluation criteria to achieve the highest possible scores and maximize your wins.


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