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Increase win odds with Lohfeld’s capture expertise.

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Raising your win probability starts now.

The most important action you can take to win a contract is engaging in a rigorous capture process. This key step raises your win probability in the critical time between deciding to pursue a government procurement and proposal submission and informs all subsequent proposal activities.

Your success depends on the quality of the intelligence you’ve gathered, as well as how effectively you’ve been able to influence the solicitation in your favor. Our experts can develop your capture plan, coach your team in executing capture initiatives, and raise your competitiveness through a well-defined process, including our Strength-Based Winning® methodology.

Strength-Based Solutioning®

Your proposal may seem strong, but does it highlight true strengths? Government evaluators award strengths for proposal features that align with validated benefits, exceed requirements, and/or significantly reduce risk. The proposal showcasing the most and/or best strengths has a higher probability for a win.

We offer a Strength-Based Solutioning® approach for proposals in the pre-RFP phase. Using data from mature capture and a draft or strawman RFP, our experts provide just-in-time training for your team and facilitate Strength-Based Solutioning® sessions to help identify and vet strengths. The result is a clearly articulated value proposition with strong customer benefits.

We offer services nationwide and in Europe (across the nation and internationally)

Capture Management

Partner with our experts to develop a capture plan, execute each initiative, and develop Strength-Based win strategies.



Capture Process Optimization

Refine your processes to position your company for growth, decrease acquisition costs, and increase win probability.



Capture Training

Learn the processes, tools, and techniques your team needs to make informed bid decisions and win more consistently.