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Amidst a surge of government technology investments, Lohfeld’s expert services guide clients through the complexities of technology grants and loans with a robust team of subject-matter experts.

Although the U.S. invented the computer chip, today, our nation produces fewer than 12% of chips worldwide. This has precipitated a wave of government-led investments in U.S. manufacturing and technology aimed at rebuilding our nation’s production leadership and eliminating supply-chain risk.

Lohfeld Consulting has made technology grants and loans a business focus, adding a strong technical bench with subject-matter experts to help clients navigate the complexities of the offerings.

A primary target was the ‘Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors and Science Act of 2022’ – better known as the CHIPS Act. With a rapid trajectory, the CHIPS Act is providing more than $280B in grants and loans to bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the U.S.

Utilize Lohfeld’s expertise in CHIPS programs

Lohfeld Consulting has already demonstrated leadership in support of CHIPS programs:

Microelectronics Commons: One of the initial programs in CHIPS was to fund a series of ‘Technology Hubs’ across the U.S. – consortiums including members from industry and academia designed to accelerate the development of defense and commercial chips by bridging the ‘lab-to-fab’ gap. Lohfeld supported Arizona State University (ASU) in its bid, which was awarded $39.8M to lead the Southwest Hub, and subsequently helped ASU in bidding on 15 initial prototype projects.

Commercial Fabrication Facilities: The lion’s share of CHIPS funding – some $29B to date – has been in awards to build or expand semiconductor manufacturing facilities (‘fabs’). Lohfeld supported the first awardee and will deliver a multi-hundred-million-dollar funding request on behalf of another applicant later this summer.

Research and Development (R&D) Programs: Lohfeld has commenced support on behalf of a client competing for a NationalAdvanced Packaging Manufacturing Program (NAPMP) funding opportunity for materials and substrates, also to be delivered later this summer. 

Department of Energy DOE Programs

Lohfeld is your partner in advanced technologies

In addition to CHIPS programs, Lohfeld experts have supported grant proposal development involving advanced technologies such as autonomous technology, quantum technology, small modular nuclear reactors, and Department of Energy (DOE) programs on battery technology and other energy programs.

Autonomous Technology
Quantum Technology
Battery Technology
Modular Nuclear Reactors

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