Are You Ready for the D3I2 Bid and Industry Day?

Facts At-a-Glance

NameDesign, Development, Demonstration, and Integration II (D3I2), Domain 1 and Domain 2 Follow-on Contracts
AgencyDepartment of the Army, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, U.S. Army Forces Strategic Command (USASMDC/ ARSTRAT)
Industry day and questionsRegister for the Procurement Acquisition Lead Time (PALT) session on August 15, 2023, starting at 1:00 PM CT using this link:  ACC-RSA PALT August 2023 session (   The PALT will be held in person in the Bob Jones Auditorium in the Sparkman Center at Redstone Arsenal, AL.   The D3I2 Information Briefing to Industry will follow the PALT session at 3:15 PM CT. Questions are due no later than August 22, 2023. The Draft RFP is anticipated to be released in Q1 FY24.
Period of performanceMinimum of 5 years (base) up to 10 years (with one 5-year option)
Draft RFP dateFY24 Q1
RFP dateExpected shortly after the draft RFP
ValueDomain 1: $1.9 – $2.5B (estimate) Domain 2: $1.5 – $2.05B (estimate)
Competition typeFull and Open and Small Business Domains
Number of winnersMultiple
Award dateMid to late 2024
IncumbentsDomain 1 (8 contracts)
W9113M17D0001, BAE Systems, Inc.      
W9113M17D0002, Leidos, Inc.
W9113M17D0003, KBR, Inc.
W9113M17D0004, Northrop Grumman Corporation W9113M17D0005, QWK Integrated Solutions, LLC W9113M17D0006, RTX (Raytheon Technologies) W9113M17D0007, SAIC
W9113M17D0008, Teledyne Technologies, Inc.  

Domain 2 (6 contracts)
W9113M16D0006, Colsa Corporation
W9113M16D0007, CYBEX LLC
W9113M16D0008, Serco Group PLC
W9113M16D0009, MEI Technologies, Inc.
W9113M16D0010, Sentar, Inc.
W9113M16D0011, Torch Technologies Inc.        

D3I2 Overview

D3I2 is the follow-on contract to the current Design, Development, Demonstration, and Integration (D3I) contract. D312 will provide USASMDC with the ability to procure a broad range of space, high altitude (HA), missile defense, and other applicable Warfighter solutions to support customers’ developmental and operational requirements.

The anticipated solicitations will include a full-and-open domain (D3I2 Domain 1) and a 100% small-business set-aside domain (D3I2 Domain 2). The current D3I multiple-award indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (MAIDIQ) contract vehicle is designed to satisfy recurring research and development (R&D) requirements across USASMDC and other associated Department of Defense and Federal organizations.

The scope of the current D3I MAIDIQ program follows an evolutionary development of systems architecture focused on a “Concept to Combat” philosophy. It is anticipated that the follow-on D3I2 D1 and D3I2 D2 acquisitions that are the subject of this notice will be MAIDIQ contracts that will provide USASMDC with the ability to procure a broad range of:

  • Space, HA, missile defense, and other applicable Warfighter solutions in support of customers’ developmental and operational requirements.
  • Technology gap identification, design, development, modernization, fabrication, integration, modification, and testing of limited quantity production, prototypes, systems, subsystems, components, sub-components, innovations, and architectures.
  • Delivery, product transition, fielding, sustainment, operations, and maintenance of R&D projects, R&D systems, sub-systems, and prototypes.


  • 08/08/2023: Sign up for the PALT and Industry Day
  • 08/15/2023: PALT and Industry Day
  • 08/30/2023: Questions Due
  • 10/2023: Draft RFP Released
  • 12/2023: Final RFP Released

Cost and Challenges to Bid

The cost to bid is likely high, given the precedence set by D3I (Domains 1 and 2) contracts. For example, Domains 1 and 2 will likely require the offeror to submit at least five volumes containing approximately 200 pages.

  • Volume 1: General Information (including the executive summary, RFP forms, and a list of exceptions and deviations)
  • Volume 2: Sample Task Orders
    • Tab A – Sample Task Orders (70 pages)
    • Tab B – Technical Capabilities, Experience, and Facilities (30 pages)
  • Volume 3: Management
    • Tab A – Program Management Approach (30 pages)
    • Tab B – Management of Resources (30 pages)
  • Volume 4: Cost Price (includes the executive summary, basis of estimate, and cost worksheets)
  • Volume 5: Past Performance (likely >20 pages, including the past performance summaries and an organizational roadmap)
  • Volume 6: Small Business Participation Volume (Domain 1 only)

Offerors will be challenged to find the right subject matter experts to develop solutions for the sample task orders and price each one.

Evaluation Criteria Summary

USASMDC/ARSTRAT will likely use a best-value strategy under FAR Part 15 to evaluate bids. The government will likely evaluate the Technical, Management, and Small Business Volumes using a color scheme rating. Under this rating, the government will award the highest scores to proposals that provide an excellent understanding of the requirements and an exceptional and low-risk approach. The government is likely to evaluate past performance using relevance and confidence factors, with the highest scores going to the past performance summaries of high relevance and low risk.

In summary, register before August 8 for PALT and industry day at Redstone Arsenal using the link in the table above.

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