Ready for some inspiration? 13 lists to find your next good book

I’m never without a book in my hand—well maybe not while paddling my kayak—but that’s about it! I vividly remember the day in 2nd grade when Mrs. Neman, the librarian at our local library, called my Mom to report me for trying to check out books that were “too precocious” for my age. I was flabbergasted that someone wanted to keep me from reading and learning about something new—I think it was a couple of books about spies or race car drivers or astronauts (all careers-of-choice to my 7-year-old self)! My Mom’s response? “Let her check out any book she ever wants to read!” I’ve never looked back!

If you take a look at my ereaders (Kindle Voyage, iPad Pro), you’ll find a plethora of business books on marketing, social media, design, knowledge management, program management, creativity, graphics, leadership, programming… If you look at my “fun” books, you’ll find thrillers, adventures, steampunk, mysteries, histories, fantasies, cookbooks, travel guides, romances, dyeing, weaving, knitting, spinning…

What do they all have in common? They help me to expand my skills, broaden my horizons, think, ponder, grow, create, dream…

I’m always ready to try a new book. Here are some good book lists I’ve come across lately—I hope you’ll find some new inspiration (and perhaps a great “vacation read”) among them!

Here’s the list of recommended books I put together for my recent presentation Hashtags, mentions, endorsements…oh my! How to use social media to build your personal and corporate “brand” at the 2016 APMP Bid & Proposal Con. Definitely check out Guy Kawasaki’s book!

Finally, here are lists of favorite business books provided by my industry colleagues.

I hope you find a few books within all these lists that will inspire you and spark your imagination!

What books do you recommend to the rest of us? Send your favorites to me at so I can share them in a future post.

Beth Wingate, aka AppMaven, is a CF APMP Fellow. She’s the managing director at Lohfeld Consulting Group. She has more than 25 years’ proposal development, management, training, and communications experience managing proposal centers for Lockheed Martin and MSD, and training and mentoring proposal and BD staff in industry best practices. Beth manages social media, branding, content strategy, and marketing for Lohfeld Consulting Group.

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