50 Words and phrases to ghost competitors

Building confidence in your solution and casting doubt on a competitor’s solution is one of the best ways to influence a customer to select your solution. In the proposal industry, we call that method ghosting the competition.

The next time you want to ghost a competitor consider using one of the following 50 words and phrases.


  1. Deficiency
  2. Disbelief
  3. Doubt
  4. Dubious
  5. Flag
  6. Lack of faith
  7. Lack of confidence
  8. Low confidence
  9. Low recruitment
  10. Low retention
  11. Low value
  12. High risk
  13. Misgivings
  14. Misguided
  15. Mitigation
  16. Qualms
  17. Question
  18. Query
  19. Reservation
  20. Skeptical
  21. Suspicion
  22. Unbelievable
  23. Uncertainty
  24. Waver
  25. Weakness


  1. All things considered, you might [fill in the blank]
  2. Based on industry data, that approach has potential weaknesses because [fill in the blank]
  3. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, [fill in the blank]
  4. Having faith in that approach might be mistaken, because [fill in the blank]
  5. High-risk solutions include [fill in the blank], because [fill in the blank]
  6. I would doubt, that [fill in the blank]
  7. In our experience that approach creates a weakness, because [fill in the blank]
  8. Industry data shows that solution is not viable because [fill in the blank]
  9. It’s hard to believe that based on industry evidence [fill in the blank]
  10. Rebadging is a high-risk solution in today’s competitive job market because [fill in the blank]
  11. That approach would cause one to question if [fill in the blank}
  12. That raises a red flag, because [fill in the blank]
  13. We doubt that because [fill in the blank]
  14. We thought that too, but the evidence shows [fill in the blank]
  15. What’s missing in that approach is the following [fill in the blank]
  16. You may be considering that option, but [fill in the blank]
  17. You may be skeptical of [fill in the blank]
  18. You may have misgivings if [fill in the blank]
  19. You may have qualms (or reservations) about the approach to [fill in the blank]
  20. You may have room for doubt, because [fill in the blank]
  21. You may take that approach with a grain of salt because [fill in the blank]
  22. That approach brings into question [fill in the blank]
  23. You might have second thoughts if [fill in the blank]
  24. We considered that approach too, but [fill in the blank]
  25. We found that approach to be high risk, because [fill in the blank]

By Brenda Crist, Vice President at Lohfeld Consulting Group, MPA, CPP APMP Fellow

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