Suggestions from readers | More favorite business books to start off 2016

At the end of 2015, I asked a number of my favorite business development, capture and proposal management, and leadership gurus for their recommendations of “must-read” and all-time favorite business books.

Everyone generously provided a plethora of suggestions—many of which I’m now pouring through while recovering from the Blizzard of ’16 (watching the 15′ snow pile that used to be my car slowly melt and hoping I can drive the car before March)!

After publishing the list, I received a number of additional suggestions from readers. Here they are for your business reading pleasure with links to so you can learn more and hopefully find some new favorites.

Click to read the original list of favorite business books to start off 2016.

Please send your own suggestions to me to share with everyone in a future post (Beth Wingate at

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