Win rates double with seven quality measures

Lohfeld Consulting Group’s seven quality measures more than double proposal win rates. This is a bold statement, but we proved it by applying our proposal review methodology on 23 bids for 6 customers. Using our quality measures as the basis for color team review and recovery, we helped government contractors achieve positive results that they can now adopt to compete more effectively in a highly competitive marketplace.

The Problem

Color team reviews have a major bearing on proposal quality. An effective review means the difference between a merely Acceptable proposal and an Outstanding bid that results in a win. However, proposal reviews are quite often disorganized and highly ineffective.

Reviewers pay little attention to the factors that matter most to evaluators and instead provide qualitative feedback that the proposal team finds difficult to implement during the recovery stage.

Because the review process lacks a structured framework, proposal recovery is equally disorganized. Lack of clear resolution further deadlocks proposal improvement.

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By Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP, PMP



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