How to compete in an LPTA environment?

During Bob Lohfeld’s recent Bold trends in capture and proposal management webinar, part of the Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar Series, Bob presented some of the more interesting trends in capture and proposal management and discussed how these are changing the competitive landscape for companies looking to increase their win probabilities.

Bob answered a number of questions for webinar participants during and after the webinar. This blog series presents those questions and Bob’s answers.

Q: There are still a considerable amount of agencies focused on LPTA. What are your thoughts on how to compete in an LPTA environment?

A: Focus the government on establishing technical acceptability. If they fail to define technical acceptability, then the procurement will be a pricing race into the abyss.

If you can establish an acceptable technical floor, this will help prevent bidders from offering unreasonably low prices. If you can’t accomplish this, then it’s time for difficult decision-making.

If you’re not going to be the lowest bidder, then there is no point in bidding. Back away from those jobs that you cannot win, and save your money for procurements that are better suited to whom you are.

Click to watch the webinar replay and download Bob’s presentation.

What’s your advice for competing in an LPTA environment? Send your thoughts to me at, and we’ll share your advice in upcoming posts!


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