Proposal production checklists (Part 1 of 4)

As a follow up to Briana Coleman’s proposal production series, we’re sharing some helpful checklists and tools for you to use in planning your next proposal production plan.

Download the MS Word documents and modify them to suit your company and proposals.

Lohfeld Consulting Group Proposal Production Checklist

Production Checklist: Before you begin desktop publishing for the first time, develop a comprehensive production checklist. This checklist will serve to guide your desktop publisher on your vision of the final product, as well as guide you on production day to ensure you’ve done everything you need to do.

The production checklist is like a compliance matrix for your production day—it’s easy to forget in the moment that the CEO must sign the SF1449, or that the labels on the box must show the solicitation number. Using a comprehensive checklist, customized for every job, ensures you’ll meet all requirements. I typically begin forming my checklist on day 1. As I read the RFP, I keep a running document of any requirement I come across that would affect production.

What checklists do you find indispensable—and what war stories can you share to reinforce the need for checklists? Send your thoughts to me at, and I’ll share your advice in upcoming posts!



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