AppMaven’s PC and Mac tools and tips for proposal success – AppMaven 2013

Proposal professionals employ many specialized elements to develop winning proposals. AppMaven 7-23-13 Lohfeld_APMP Nor’easters Presentation for distribution (July 23, 2013) for a look at more targeted time and effort-reducing PC and Mac tools and tricks to develop, manage, and WIN proposals more efficiently and effectively.

With all new content for 2013, AppMaven presents cost-effective PC/iPad tools from her painstakingly researched collection—along with advice for using them to increase your winning proposal capabilities. These inexpensive or even free tools are useful for any size organization (commercial and government).

Download AppMaven’s Favorite PC and iPad Tools checklist—with more recommended tools! Strengthen your proposal development and management capabilities using these tools, and deploy them to give yourself the winning advantage!

Beth Wingate, aka AppMaven, APMP member since 1996, APMP Fellow, 2013 APMP CEO, 2012 APMP COO. Beth was 2010-2011 APMP Director of Education, 2008-2009 APMP-NCA President, and APMP’s 2008 Chapter Chair of the Year. Managing Director at Lohfeld Consulting Group, Beth has 25+ years’ experience managing, writing, illustrating, and producing winning proposals. She managed proposal development (pre-RFP – post-submission) for MSD and Lockheed Martin, managed their proposal centers, and trained/mentored proposal and BD staff in industry best practices.

Beth presented at APMP’s 2008–2013 International Conferences. She regularly presents at APMP regional symposia (NCA, Pacific Northwest, Nor’easters, SPAC) and APMP virtual chapter meetings worldwide. She develops and teaches proposal management classes for Lohfeld Consulting Group and Deltek. Beth regularly writes for APMP’s Journal.

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