13 must-have data elements for proposal resume templates

Over the years, I’ve developed a proposal resume contents template that combines requested resume contents from hundreds of government requests for proposals (RFP).

Here are the items I typically include in a master resume – which can then be cut down and tailored as needed.

  1. Full name
  2. Education (degree, major, school)
  3. Years of related experience (e.g., software development, project management – whatever the employee’s core skills include)
  4. Security clearance (with pertinent details)
  5. Professional experience (title, company, location, dates position held)
  6. Position description   (with pertinent details)
  7. Certifications (with pertinent details)
  8. Publications (with pertinent details)
  9. Professional associations (with pertinent details)
  10. Continuing education (with pertinent details)
  11. Awards (with pertinent details)
  12. Software/hardware experience (with pertinent details)
  13. Any other categories relevant to your industry/niche marketplace

Additionally, I always format the master resumes using MS Word styles for tailoring quickly to RFP specifications.

I also set up a regular schedule (typically once to twice a year) for updating all company resumes. Make this an integral part of your yearly performance reviews, and you’ll quickly build a repository that helps reduce your proposal staffing stress!

What additional items do you track on your resume information template? Send an email to me listing your must have items, and I’ll update my list! BWingate@LohfeldConsulting.com.


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