Improving Win Rates – Strategies and Tactics to Raise Your Success

Bob LohfeldDid you know your company can raise its win probability by 20% on each and every bid that it submits by following 7 proven steps?

Imagine how much additional revenue your firm could generate if you could increase your win rate by 20% — and imagine how much you could grow your business with the additional profit.

Increasing win rates is everybody’s goal, yet few people address the task of raising overall company win rates.

In this webinar, capture and proposal expert Bob Lohfeld shares Lohfeld Consulting Group’s research on how to increase proposal win rates and explains the 7 factors that affect overall company win rates. Each viewer can use the 7-factor model to assess their company’s performance in key areas that affect win rates and build a preliminary plan for win rate improvement.

The 7 steps to raise your win probability will make you better prepared to compete at the highest competitive levels, improve your capture and proposal game, and help you plan and reduce the workload needed to create winning proposals. The 7 factor model is an excellent free tool for predicting how much win rates will increase from incremental investments to improve the competitiveness of your firm. It also provides a quantitative basis for computing return on investments and presents a clear roadmap to increase your firm’s overall win rate.

Increasing Your Win Rate Touchdowns In 7 Proven Steps – Webinar Replay

7 Proven Steps to Raise Your Company’s win Rate – GovCon Weekly Webinar (PowerPoint slide deck)

28-question score card (MS Word)

Survey Results – 2012



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