Using Best Practices to Build Your Production Battle Plan

Contractors fight many battles during the war to win business with the government, from capture management and solutioning to finding key personnel. You can win all of these battles but still lose the war if you do not succeed on the final task—producing and delivering the bid! Briana Coleman provides sound guidance for developing your own production battle plan, taking you through the BD life cycle and discussing how to incorporate production into each phase. Using war stories from the industry’s leading editors, desktop publishers, graphic artists, and printing companies, she discusses best practices.

Briana defines production elements (it’s more than just hitting print), discusses how to budget (time and money) for production and when to start, identifies key skills of the best production staffs, and tells how to begin contingency planning. Review comprehensive production checklists to help you develop your own winning production battle plan for your next bid.

Using Best Practices to Build Your Production Battle Plan

Production Resources Checklist-Lohfeld Consulting Group-Briana Coleman

Production Checklist-Lohfeld Consulting Group-Briana Coleman

Printing Instructions-Lohfeld Consulting Group-Briana Coleman

File Types and Graphics Hints-Lohfeld Consulting Group-Briana Coleman_24 Hour Company

Editing Checklist-Lohfeld Consulting Group-Briana Coleman


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